The tale of the avocado with a long nose

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Written and Contributed by: Ms. Helen Biangalen-Magata

Once there was a little avocado who lives in a faraway farm with his mother plant and all his hundreds of other siblings. He had a long nose and he loved telling stories.

He lives near a creek where the little tadpole swim with the small kachiw. The coconut tree was their neighbor too as was the star apple.

Every day, little avocado would exchange stories with his neighbors and his siblings. He always wanted to see the world so he would start his day by telling stories of the only place he wants to see when he grows up.

“I will ride a huge cart with wheels and will go to this faraway city where there’s a lot of other fruits like us,” he said.

His neighbors and friends would always want to hear more, awed by his story.

“You mean there is a place where there are a lot more of us?”, they asked

“Of course. In that faraway city, there are lot more avocados, coconuts, star apples and other fruits!”, he exclaimed.

Tadpole and kachiw were listening so they chimed in.

“Are there tadpoles and kachiws too in the faraway city?”

The avocado with long nose did not even blink. Yes! Of course, I heard even frogs and many other different kinds of fishes are in that city.

His neighbors could not believe their ears. Oh, how magnificent the faraway city sounds!

Day after day, the avocado with a long nose clung to his mother plant. Through torrential rains, strong winds and scorching heat, he held on. Soon, it was time for harvest.

Together with his other siblings, the avocado with a long nose was first put in a bamboo basket then was wrapped in a newspaper and was carefully packed in a paper crate. He waved goodbye to his neighbor coconut and star apple. Coconut and star apple were sad to see their friend leaving them.

Tadpole and kachiw were also crying when their friend avocado finally went off carried by their good old friend carabao.

“Oh, I could not see!”, the little avocado said so he wiggled his small but strong body until the newspaper fell down and he was freed. There was no way he would miss out on the beautiful sceneries he would pass by. Oh, finally, he was on the cart with wheels!!!

After travelling for sometime, the avocado with a long nose felt a little sleepy so he shut his eyes. “Just for a moment”, he said.

He woke up with a start when he felt himself lurch. Brooom!

Oh, what was that noise? An earthquake? No.

He woke up to see that he was already inside a tight room and was in the cart no more. There was pungent smell and it filled the little room he was in. The room they were in would not stop moving and he felt himself outbalanced more than a couple of times. His skin felt bruised and sore. The little avocado was afraid. He started crying.

After a long time that felt like eternity, the small room stopped moving. The pungent smell subsided. A door was opened. Outside was bright— too bright, and noisy and there are a lot of people!!!

The avocado was in the city- the faraway city.

People came to see him. They touched, they groped, they poked. But they did not take him.

“Oh, his skin is not smooth enough.”

“He has been crying, look, he has stains.”

“He is sore, he will not taste good.”

Poor avocado with a long nose, he felt tired and dejected. So tired was that he could hardly open his eyes. So he slept. Slept for a long time. Slept deeply.

Photo By: Ms. Helen Biangalen-Magata

When he came back, he could not believe his eyes. He was back in the village! He quickly checked if he was indeed in the farm. His mother stands right there and was lovingly looking at him. His neighbor coconut was also smiling at him- she looks the same but her husks are a lot darker now. The star apple—the star apple is blooming with flowers of her own!

He called out to his friends tadpole and kachiw.

“I am back! I went to the faraway city, but I came back! Oh, how I missed you!”

A four-legged small frog leaped and croaked.

“Yes, we saw the farmer came back with some of the avocado seeds from the market. We were overjoyed to see you. It has been a while but he came back to plant you!”, tadpole- now- a little-frog, said.

Kachiw who was swimming by the creek could not contain her excitement.

“Some never come back but you did! You must tell us about the faraway city!”, she said.

All of his neighbors and friends looked at him expectantly. “Yes, tell us about the city”, they chorused.

Avocado, with his all his guile and excellence in story telling, told his friends about all the things that he saw in that all-beautiful and wonderful faraway city.

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